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Get ready greater Kansas City... outdoor lighting, like all technology, is always advancing, always improving, and always streamlining itself! Now, at the touch of a button, you choose your lighting intensity level... or you can color from thousands of color options!

The Luxor App built by lighting fixture manufacture FX Luminaire, has changed the game with their WIFI compatible control systems. Integration is now a reality, making relaxing and entertaining a breeze! Want red and green for the holidays? How about red, white, and blue for a patriotic summer? It's all available from any where in the world- all on the convenience of your mobile device!

Curious to learn how we can set up your system to be controlled remotely, or do you have a current lighting system that you would like converted? For both residential projects and commercial projects, we can help find the right solution that fits your needs. Call us at 816-407-1300, or book online for a free design consultation.

Scroll through the gallery above, or check out our lighting portfolios for inspiration for your next project. No space is too big or too small to be transformed by light into art!

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Updated: Oct 20, 2022


Featured today are Sean and Kim, two of our field techs who pour their hearts into transforming our client's spaces into breathtaking, three-dimensional nightscapes. Each week they conduct maintenance calls on lighting systems around the greater Kansas City Area, install new lighting projects, and assist clients through the design proposal process, all while ensuring that only the highest quality products are used on our customers' homes.

Our techs are not only qualified to install your home's lighting needs, but to maintain your system throughout the years!

Sean and Kim are experts in low-voltage electricity and are also a wealth of knowledge on cutting-edge products and the ever-advancing technological capabilities in the lighting industry. Have a question on how to control your lighting system via your smartphone? Ask Sean! Have a question about all the emerging capabilities of solar power? Ask Kim!

We are grateful for our technical team members!

Sean and Kim, Natural Accents Field technicians, wiring an LED hanging light, 2022

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