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Well-designed landscape and architectural lighting bring your property, business, or home to life! When you choose the FXLuminaire Luxor Lighting Control System for your system you gain even more benefits from the customization and options available for your outdoor lighting. The lighting design team at Natural Accents brings unlimited lighting potential to our client collaborations to enhance your property's safety and security and turn your nighttime living spaces into a vision worthy of a magazine spread.

Read on to see the many specific benefits of the Luxor permanent outdoor color-changing lighting system for residential and commercial use:

Before Color Changing Outdoor Lighting Addition

1. Cutting-edge technology is the first benefit of choosing the Luxor Controller. As the most advanced and flexible lighting hardware, the Luxor system provides unlimited possibilities to customize your outdoor living spaces, highlight your architectural accents, and increase safety when engaging in human activities at night. When FXLuminaire designer lighting fixtures are matched with the Luxor control system you will enjoy the benefits of smart device app control, smart home compatibility, preset calendar-based programming, preinstalled LAN connection, optional remote Wi-Fi antenna, 40 custom themes, hundreds of independently adjustable lighting groups, plus zoning, dimming, and color-control capabilities.

2. Wireless control is the second benefit of the Luxor lighting control system. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting your fixtures' color and intensity from anywhere! You have 30,000 colors to choose from as you create your themed color palettes. With the ability to zone and dim combined with this large color palette, you may create unique themes for all your special occasions.

After Color Changing Outdoor Lighting Addition is Set to the Standard "Warm" Lighting Setting

3. If you have a smart home system the FXLuminaire Luxor integrates easily with the most popular smart home systems. Lutron, Crestron, Control, and Savant are some of the compatible systems. Enjoy using the same system you are familiar with to control your landscape and home's outdoor lighting.

4. Natural Accent's lighting design team provides options to make it easy to enhance your home and landscape in a way that matches your vision and your pocketbook. We can install your lighting fixtures in stages or all at once. Plus with the variety of fixtures and lighting accessories that FXLuminaire offers, Natural Accents may offer outdoor lighting packages for any budget.

Phased Installation of Residential Landscape Lighting

5. FXLuminaire Luxor technology leads the outdoor lighting industry. Not just because of their system tech, or the diversity of their fixtures and accessories, but because they offer an amazing warranty. Warranties matter when you make the investment in outdoor lighting for your home or business. Their low-voltage lighting fixtures and transformers have a ten (10) year warranty, while their LED lamps have a five (5) year warranty. These warranties make sure your permanent outdoor lighting system runs the way it should for many years to come.

6. FXLuminaire outdoor lighting offers a variety of fixtures, transformers, controllers, and accessories. Enjoy the choice of specialty and traditional outdoor lighting fixtures so that your custom lighting system is as unique as your home, landscape, features, and style. If you want to be bold and bright or sleek and minimal the Natural Accents design team has options for you. If you want more from your LED lighting systems give the team at Natural Accents a call.

After Color Changing Outdoor Lighting Addition was Set to "Icy Blue"

7. Permanent holiday lighting is considered a capital improvement, just like adding a new bathroom, bedroom, or porch. All properties, from starter homes, forever homes, vacation homes, second or third homes, and investment properties, increase in value with the addition of an outdoor lighting system. Plus, enjoying your grounds safely at night increases the versatility of your outdoor living options.

8. For businesses that add an LED outdoor lighting system like the Luxor permanent holiday lighting system, you can qualify for a capital improvement tax deduction. For home and business owners with an older lighting system, the Natural Accents team can retrofit your current system to a low-voltage LED color-changing lighting system. This update can make you eligible for energy efficiency tax credits. If you are curious to learn more, give our experts a call at 816-407-1300.

"Festive Red" Color Changing Outdoor Lighting

9. Color-changing outdoor lighting systems add beauty but are also a security measure. Well-lit areas increase the chance of being caught, so an outdoor lighting system can decrease the likely hood of your property becoming a target to thieves or vandals. This practical addition often provides residential and commercial property owners with insurance discounts.

10. Permanent holiday lighting looks lovely and sounds great, but what if you have a maintenance issue? Luckily for Kansas City metro home and business owners, you don't have to worry about ladder work or fighting the weather of a Midwest winter. Keep your lighting system functioning properly with a maintenance call from Natural Accents.

We offer dependable maintenance for outdoor lighting systems on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of the greater Kansas City area. For the past 20 years, Natural Accents technicians have provided seasonal maintenance and in-depth repairs. If your system needs some TLC, give us a call!

As you can see these 10 reasons make investing in a permanent outdoor holiday lighting system a no-brainer. The design team at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting is just a call away to schedule a new design or retrofit consultation. If you have further questions on how your family will benefit from the color-changing Luxor outdoor lighting system, our technicians have the experience and training to provide you with honest answers.

Natural Accents is the most awarded outdoor lighting company in the Kansas City area for a reason. Lighting is all we do and we do it with a passion. For us, light is art!

  • laurahingey

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design celebrates our 20th Anniversary! This veteran-owned company was started by John Pletcher in Liberty, Missouri. We have become the premier lighting company in the Kansas City area.

Our team is thrilled to have reached this milestone. It has been our honor to work with many families and businesses around the KC Metro for the past 20 years. Our team looks forward to many more years of inspiring designs and dedicated service.

Lighted Bridge Decorated for Autumn

Lighting is our passion! Our wonderful clients have allowed us to do what we love while becoming the Most Awarded Outdoor Lighting Company in Kansas City. As Certified Outdoor Lighting Designers, we have won multiple International awards for landscape lighting design/installation from the A.O.L.P. (Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals) and the ILLI (International Landscape Lighting Institute).

Along with outdoor lighting design, the team at Natural Accents installs, maintains, and repairs landscape lighting for systems we installed or ones installed by others. We are a full-service lighting company specializing in low-voltage LED systems. We use only quality, commercial-grade equipment with 10-year factory warranties.

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design Employees

Our techs are dedicated to providing dependable maintenance and expert repairs of existing systems. We are fully insured and licensed in Kansas and Missouri. Our dedication to our clients, exceptional customer service, and experience are unsurpassed.

As the business neared 20 years, John started looking forward to retirement. At the beginning of July 2022, Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design was acquired by Laura and Jonathon Hingey. John worked closely with Laura and Jonathon throughout the transition process to ensure they were well-trained in all areas of the business.

Laura and Jonathon Hingey, Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design Owners

Laura spent seven years in the military as an Army officer helicopter pilot/maintenance crew chief and has led teams of all sizes. She separated from the military six years ago to pursue her passion for home design, while Jonathon continues to serve as a UH60 Black Hawk pilot. We are grateful to have been entrusted with your homes to create your ideal living space.

Laura and Jonathon's goal is to provide the same elevated level of service, if not better, to our current and new clients. Laura manages Natural Accents from the same Liberty office space with the same company phone number. John was proud to transition his life's work to such competent hands that will continue and grow its legacy.

Head Technician, Sean, Installing an Outdoor Lighting Fixture

Though he will be missed, his legacy, which was built on customer care and turning light into art, will endure. In addition, the friendly faces you have come to know and trust on maintenance calls and installations, Sean and Kim, are staying on with Natural Accents to help ensure that every one of our clients is taken care of. Since July, our crew has doubled in size along with adding an Office Manager, Elizabeth Przybylski.

Natural Accents continues to offer top-of-the-industry fixtures, amazing warranties, and fast service as a full-service, family-owned outdoor lighting company. Our eco-friendly lighting systems with LED options operate at a low cost adding value, security, and beauty to your home. We also offer custom path lights that are built locally by Kansas City small businesses, which are art pieces as much as they are lighting fixtures!

Residential Outdoor Lighting Using Down Lights, Up Lights, and Custom Path Lighting Fixtures

We are excited to see what the future holds as we pour our hearts into this amazing company. We would love to get to know you, see if you need any spots lit up on your home or commercial property, ask how your lighting system is working, or talk about preventive maintenance. If it has been a while since your installation, feel free to ask about the leaps in lighting technology that the last 5 years have brought; including features like full control of your lighting system from an app on your phone!

We also offer the most cutting-edge color-integrated lighting technology which allows you to choose from thousands of color options for every one of your fixtures. These options help make entertaining and the holiday season a breeze. Wherever you are with lighting needs for your home or business, we will continue to be here for you every step of the way.

Residential Holiday Lighting on a 45 Foot Pine Tree

As part of our company growth this year, Natural Accents is pleased to announce that we have officially begun offering holiday lighting services including design and installation, to removal and storage. As leaders in home, business, and landscape lighting for 20 years, we couldn't be more thrilled to offer holiday lighting services to the greater Kansas City area!

Please give us a call, at 816-407-1300, if you would like to schedule a free design estimate or maintenance appointment. If you have any questions regarding your outdoor lighting project or service, please feel free to reach out to Laura at Thank you for putting your trust in Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting, where customers are our focus, and light is our passion!

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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Holiday Landscape Lighting Designer and Installer

Get Your Holiday Outdoor Lighting Checked Off Your To-Do List

Midwest winters can be windy, frigid, icy, and wet. Kansas City home and business owners deserve to enjoy the beauty and seasonal cheer of holiday landscape lighting but don't need to fight ladders, tangled lights, or the elements ever again. Instead, call the premier outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance company servicing the Kansas and Missouri sides of the greater Kansas City metropolitan. Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design now offers temporary and permanent holiday outdoor lighting options. Not sure you should give us a call to schedule your holiday outdoor lighting design, then read on for 10 reasons why you should make your holiday to-do list shorter by using a professional

lighting crew.

Residential Outdoor Lighting of a Candy Cane-Wrapped Tree

1. Commercial-Grade Holiday Lighting Material

The first benefit of using a professional installer for your holiday landscape lighting is that your home or business will be wrapped or decorated in commercial-grade seasonal lighting material. These are products the average homeowner will not have access to when purchasing outdoor décor. Commercial-grade lighting offers a greater variety of lighting strand colors and bulb shapes and sizes, twinkle options, protection from the elements providing a longer life-cycle, and with certain options can be controlled by an app on

your phone, then you can find at a big box store or order online!

2. Leave the Ladder Work to the Professionals

Many things around your home you could DIY, but do you have the time, energy, or desire to do the work yourself? Hanging holiday lighting may seem a "simple" task to do, but getting the end result you want may take more time, tools, supplies, and skill than you want to invest in. Instead, let the expert lighting installers at Natural Accents take this off your plate. Our techs travel with fully stocked vehicles so we are prepared for every job.

3. Outdoor Holiday Lighting Safety

There are many dangers involved in hanging holiday lighting. Of course, there is the obvious risk with heights and ladder work, but there are also the dangers with electricity particularly when water or moisture is in the mix. Natural Accents knows the proper way to hang and string twinkle lights so that the risk of a short or fire is minimized.

4. Holiday Lighting Storage

After the holiday season is over, where will you store your outdoor lights? A professional lighting company, like Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design, will cover off-season storage for your lights. Feel free to wrap your trees and decorate your whole home or business and not worry about limiting your desired design because of limited off-season storage space.

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design Tech on Articulating Hydraulic Boom Decorating 45-Foot Pine Tree with Commercial-Grade Holiday Lights

5. The Right Tools for Your Outdoor Seasonal Lighting

Some holiday lighting designs require the use of specialized equipment, like an articulating hydraulic boom, to safely install and take down your lighting display. Our techs are trained and fully insured for this type of specialized work.

6. Support Local Veteran Female Family-Owned Business

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design is owned and operated by Laura Hingey and her family. Laura proudly served in the National Guard as a pilot. Her husband is still in active service. Her family resides in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Laura and Her Husband

7. Don't Stress Over Maintenance

There are enough things you could stress over during the holiday season. Professional lighting experts remove the stress from a burnt-out strand or a problematic bulb so you can focus on enjoying the holidays, booking your holiday flight, or stressing over what to get your Great-Aunt Bernice.

8. Professional Installation of Your Seasonal Lighting

Natural Accents outdoor lighting techs are experienced in working with electricity and Kansas and Missouri weather to make sure your business and home will have beautiful holiday lighting all season long. Professional installers know the right amount of strands to string together safely. Natural Accents techs use commercial-grade brass connectors that are then heat shrink-wrapped to make them watertight and impervious to the elements. This is the safest way to splice wires. Since ice and snow are part of Midwest winters and the holiday season, our professional installation will look great and withstand the hazzards of the season.

Home with Seasonal and Permanent Outdoor Lighting Covered in Snow

9. Seasonal Lighting

The end of the holiday season can be so much colder and wetter than the beginning. These wintery conditions can make the taking down of your seasonal lights depressing and dangerous. A professional lighting company has the training and tools to safely and quickly remove your temporary lighting when it is time.

10. Holiday Lighting the Whole Neighborhood Will Admire

The last reason to invest in a professional lighting company this holiday season is to have a home or business that even the biggest Scrooge will envy. The design team at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting is able to create scenes that look like they have jumped off the pages of Home and Garden magazine! From rooftop lighting to custom candy-cane tree trunk/ branch wrapping, we can complete jobs big to small to create your unique winter wonderland all will admire!

Permanent Holiday Lighting

Call for Your Free Holiday Lighting Estimate Today

The many benefits of having a professional outdoor lighting company install, maintain, takedown, and store your holiday lights are numerous. So if you haven't already, schedule your free seasonal or permanent holiday lighting estimate today!

Enjoy the holiday season more, as Kansas City's most awarded Outdoor Lighting Design company takes care of your home and business landscape lighting this year and in the years to come. Our techs are booking up quickly for the 2022 Holiday Season.

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